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This page is for programmers. If you are not a programmer you may safely give it a pass.

Cowpod was written using visual basic 6.0. It uses no extra controls but does use three classes and makes several system calls.


While the three classes were drawn from the listed sources and reference was made to several resources, the core of cowpod was written entirely by myself.

cReadWriteEasyReg (6/6/1999) by Riaan Aspeling

CDLG.cls (3/14/2003) & Browse For Folder (10/14/2004) by DaVBMan

cShortcut.cls pulled from VB6 Project Consolidator (2/13/2004) by David Ross Goben

Sorting resources by Rick Meyer

File association information from Winterkill
Private communications

Visual Basic Shell Programming By J. P. Hamilton (O'Reilly press)
recommended by RedLeif

Command line enlightenment from CH_2005
Private communications

FindFilesAPI by Steve Anderson

Recursion limit suggestion by Gruff

iniFileAPI by unknown

Icon Extractor Utility by Todd Morrow

Strings and Project Analyzer

Optimization standards


While cowpod is obviously influenced by previous pod mounting utilities, the base design and functionality are of my own creating. The list swapping configuration arose in conversation with Meth as result of topics raised by Scrooch. Extra paths have been a long standing issue, the registry editor was for my own personal needs and completed with input from JustMight, and the font/monster.ini editor was just because it was there to be done. Thanks go to Malibu350 for sorting it all out to begin with.

The code

Terms of use

The code for cowpod is being released under conditions "similar" to those outlined by the gnu project ( That is, you may use it to study and learn. You may use it to make your own projects. And you may use it to contribute to, refine or improve cowpod. However, you should acknowledge the above sources and references where appropriate and you should post (preferrably on the forum here) any changes you make so that they may be considered for inclusion in future versions of cowpod as well. Also, any project you make that draws on the source code here should be similarly released as an open source project so that others may share in the same benefits and take advantage of the same opportunities that you have yourself. Lastly, the code contained here must not be sold or resold under any circumstances whatsoever.


Cowpod is comprised of

Five forms

Three classes

And nine modules



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