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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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245 tracks from the year 2009
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
1985 Vice City Monster Truck Event (Fixed) BlizzardDrag
Vintage 80s Tracks (3 in 1) BlizzardDrag
CFP @ Pocatello 2009 RKM & DaveTheSmasherArena
HMP Texas Monster Shootout trainboy911Junk Upload
TMSS Lady Luck Speedway KingKrunch/Jr SeasockJunk Upload
PPRL Christmas Mayhem 3 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Cross Country EO2dayCircuit
Charleston Freestyle Mania trainboy911Drag
Custom MJ World Finals DestroyerfanDrag
MJ World Finals (Custom) trainboy911Drag
Minneapolis (Custom) BETA final JackMProductionsBeta
2K9 Silver Springs Speedway Jr SeasockJunk Upload
Long (first track i made) EO2dayRally
2000 ms
Wild Goose Chase Outlaw_JonJunk Upload
Thunder Hill Speedway CFMTS Matt "kingkrunch" DemkoJunk Upload
New York State Fairgrounds Custom Mike™Junk Upload
Californication OdRod, DkriderGZ, KmasterRally
1600 ms
Monster Nationals Grand Rapids, Mi (ARL) RKMArena
Charlotte MTC CHADJunk Upload
Monster Jam World Finals 3 DestroyerfanDrag
Evan's Track DigIt DaveFree Roam
CFMTS Heart-O-Texas Speedway Matt "kingkrunch" DemkoJunk Upload
Scrap What DigIt DaveFree Roam
Suspension Check DigIt DaveFree Roam
Fall Madness 5 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Willits County Fair MattInTheHat56Drag
Houston 1985 trainboy911Junk Upload
Minneapolis Metrodome 1998 DestroyerfanDrag
Green Wave Stadium MLMT JamesHendrixJunk Upload
Triple Threat Arena Outlaw_JonDrag
New Orleans 2000 DestroyerfanDrag
B-Day World Finals Tim HornDrag
Reliant Stadium (custom) Rnd. 2 DestroyerfanDrag
Lucas Oil Stadium (custom) DestroyerfanDrag
Monster Jam @ Giants Stadium 2009 kingkrunchDrag
Monster Mash V (fixed credits) trainboy911Drag
Baltimore 2009 Crush Out Breast Cancer RMSTitanicDrag
Thunder On The Beach 2009 BigfootFanDrag
Monsters@Pocono trainboy911Drag
Pontiac Monster Jam 9 (3in1) chadDrag
Orlando 9 (3in2) chadDrag
Monster Jam Europe (6in2) chadDrag US Open Freestyle V1 KouvreFreestyle US Open Racing V1 KouvreDrag
Pepsi Challenge V1 KouvrePack US Open Qualifying V1 KouvreDrag
West Jackson TNT (Fictional) PM CustomsDrag
2009 CFP Winston Salem FIXED JerOutlaw and Travis SewlioDrag
Mouton Stadium 2 Coty1Drag
Mouton Stadium Coty1Drag
Monster Nationals Erie,Pa (ARL) RKMArena
PENDA Finals RCA Dome JerOutlawDrag
World Finals Stadium ChadDrag
Anaheim MJ 2000 DestroyerfanDrag
PENDA Hetfield Fairgrounds JerOutlaw and Bowtie BanditDrag
Minneapolis Metrodome Rnd. 2 DestroyerfanDrag
Orlando Cross Jam:::::BETA::::: nome66Beta
Chicago Fairgrounds JerOutlaw and GriffDrag
New York Fairgrounds Custom Mike™Drag
Purvis Stadium 2009 Freestyle KouvreBeta
Purvis Stadium 2009 KouvreBeta
Lakes Galore (FINAL & FIXED) OTlathamXmahtalTCircuit
1500 ms
PENDA AFJ Fairgrounds Malibu350 & JerOutlawDrag
Enocell City KmasterRally
Random arena :) Jim LaneArena
Monster Jam World Finals 1 DestroyerfanDrag
CFP Winston-Salen 2009 JerOutlaw and SewlioDrag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Memphis Jr SeasockDrag
PENDA Canfield, OH Xtreme_RTMDrag
USA Motorsports St. Paul trainboy911Drag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Orlando Jr SeasockDrag
Monster Jam World Finals II (lower lag) DestroyerfanDrag
Dodge Thunder Drags los angeles Jr SeasockDrag
RMR Maverik Clash of the Titans 2008 Travis Sewilo & RKMDrag
USA Motorspots San Antonio trainboy911Drag
SPHRA Lima, OH 2009 JerOutlaw/Xtreme_RTMDrag
Dodge thudner Drags @ Freedom Hall Jr SeasockDrag
Houston Astrodome 2001 (TNN First Stop) DestroyerfanDrag
Industry Hall Special Event trainboy911Drag
VTRUC Pontiac Silverdome Racing KouvreDrag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Tallahassee (fixed) Jr SeasockDrag
USA Motorsports Minny Jr SeasockDrag
2009 Advanced Autoparts Dome MJ FS 08GDQualPicFreestyle
2009 Advance Autoparts Dome MJ Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
Slayer's Rooftop Nightmare KmasterCircuit
Route 77 KmasterRally
1500 ms
Dodge Thunder Drags Providence Jr SeasockDrag
Minneapolis Metrodome (custom) DestroyerfanDrag
Route 66 Raceway 2005 Xtreme RTMDrag
Tacoma, WA 1998 (Fixed) DiggerFan (Fixed by trainboy911)Drag
Dodge Thunder drags @ Lima ChadDrag
USA Motorsports Louisville trainboy911Drag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Minneapolis MN Jr SeasockDrag
MTM2 Wrestling Federation LAG IS WAR OKmasterRumble
600 ss
Paul Shafer Motorsports@Porter County Fairgrounds trainboy911Drag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Tallahassee Jr seasockDrag
Dodge Thunder Drags @ Edmonton Jr SeasockDrag
Spark Stadium Project Mayhem Summer Tour 09 Crazyman9Drag
USA Motorsports Houston trainboy911Drag
Grayslake, IL County Fair Travis SewiloDrag
Elko Speedway trainboy911Drag
Battle of The Bridge OdRod & DkriderGZCircuit
800 ss
2009 US TruckFest trainboy911Drag
CFMTS @ Southwestern International Raceway kingkrunch (fixed by trainboy911)Drag
Tampa Monster jam ChadDrag
Tampa Monster jam online ChadDrag
Firebird International Raceway DaveTheSmasherFreestyle
Olympia,Washington MJ 09 Menards Arena FS 08GDQualPicDrag
Atlanta 2009 Freestyle part 2 handle fix ChadDrag
Olympia Washington JM '09 Menards Arena 08GDQualPicDrag
VTRUC Race 10 - Silver Spring Speedway DaveTheSmasher/KouvreDrag
2k9 Big Diamond Speedway Jr SeasockDrag
MJ WF NGK Sparkplugs FS Not Real 08GDQualPicFreestyle
MTM2 Wrestling Federation MWF LagMania 2009 OKmasterRumble
600 ss
Texarkana ALPHA BF_Power_WheelsBeta
2009 SPHRA FINALS - BOX SET Crazyman9Drag
2009 SPHRA FINALS - RACING Crazyman9Drag
Fake Monster Jam World Finals Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
CFMTS @ Southwestern International Raceway kingkrunchDrag
Kane County Fairgrounds MJ '09 Geneva,IL FS 08GDQualPicFreestyle
St Louis Monster Jam 09 *Online* ChadCircuit
St Louis Monster Jam 09 *Full Detail* ChadDrag
Badass opener FINAL fs Jim LaneArena
Kane County Fairgrounds MJ '09 Geneva,IL Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
Demo Night 2009 @ Miracle Arena Crazyman9Drag
Reliant Stadium MJ DestroyerfanDrag
MTC World Finals 1 Tim HornDrag
Kane County Fairgrounds MJ Geneva,IL 2008 08GDQualPicDrag
Redding,CA Speedway MJ '09 R+FS 08GDQualPicDrag
VTRUC Race 9 - Fred Shafer Fairgrounds KouvreDrag
Aflac Feild MJ '09 Topeka,Kansas Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Aflac Feild MJ '09 Topeka,Kansas R 08GDQualPicDrag
Minneapolis TJ 2009 RobbyH14Drag
2009 TJ Independence Field runt9Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Providence DaveTheSmasherDrag
MJ Europe '09 Lyon,France Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
MJ Europe '09 Lyon,France Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
Springer Beach Spectacular 09 KouvreDrag
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds MJ 2009 Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds MJ 2009 Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
MEP Houston, TX 2009 DiggerFanDrag
New Orleans MJ (Full Detail) ChadDrag
SPHRA South Bend, IN BlizzardDrag
New Orleans MJ (online) ChadDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Houston DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Uniondale Scott "Razorbear" BergmanDrag
Reno, NV Fairgrounds MJ 2009 Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Reno, NV Fairgrounds MJ 2009 Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
AT&T Stadium MJ 2009 Baton Rouge 08GDQualPicDrag
SPHRA Hell's Pass Stadium 09 Xtreme RTMDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Montreal kpayne89Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Kansas City DaveTheSmasherDrag
edward jones dome JJPCircuit
Rosemont,IL MJ Allstate Arena 2009 Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Nome Int'l Dragway DIRT/MUD nome66Drag
SPHRA TJ Giants Stadium Scott Drag
London, ON Thunder Jam 2009 Crazyman9Drag
Nome Int'l Dragway nome66Straight-a-way
Allstate Arena Monster Jam 09 Rosmont,IL 08GDQualPicArena
Sphra Thunder Jam: Washington DC GraveyardDrag
Albany,New York Monster Jam 09 Wendys Feild 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Albany,NY Monster Jam 09 Wendys Feild 08GDQualPicDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Oakland MattInTheHat56Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Tonawanda DaveTheSmasherDrag
Eastwood Territory OdRodCircuit
1400 ms
Baker Fairgrounds Monster Jam 09 FS 08GDQualPicFreestyle
Thunder On The Beach 2005 (Fixed) BigfootFanDrag
Paul Brown Stadium - SPHRA*FIX Xtreme RTMDrag
2009 TJ Texas Stadium runt9Drag
CFMTS@Baytown trainboy911Drag
Monster Jam Orlando FL 2004 BigfootFanDrag
SPHRA- Lake City, PA BlizzardDrag
Torture Track 3 OKmastermtm1
1500 ms
World Finals X 2.0 Back Flip White2098Drag
World Finals X 2.0 Racing White2098Drag
World Finals X 2.0 Freestyle White2098Drag
2009 Baker,OR Monster Jam racing 08GDQualPicDrag
1997 U.S. Truckfest DestroyerfanDrag
Thunder On The Beach 2004 BigfootFanDrag
Slayer's Bikini Babe Rumble Willie MorganRumble
World Finals X 2009 FS White2098Drag
World Finals X 2009 Racing White2098Drag
BuMpEr POoL TE Rotz_Break & PoisonRumble
VML Compound Open House DaveTheSmasherFree Roam
CFMTS@HMP trainboy911Drag
Thunder On The Beach 2003 BigfootFanDrag
Special Events Jamboree (online) ChadDrag
Special Events Jamboree ChadDrag
St. Louis 1999 kingkrunchDrag
Breezer's Bayou (MTM2) OLD_Jammer & KmasterRumble
2009 Kent City Monster Jam Freestyle 08GDQualPicFreestyle
THRASH ZONE revisited OKmasterRumble
Coors Light Coliseum MattInTheHat56 & TommyArena
Houston Astrodome 1996 kingkrunchDrag
2009 Baton Rouge RiverCenter Suicidal_ManiacDrag
Chagrin Falls ODkriderGZCircuit
1400 ms
Elko County Fair MattInTheHat56Circuit
VTRUC Race 5 - Reliant Stadium Suicidal_Maniac & KourveDrag
2009 Kent City,Michigan Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
Ramstein AB Stadium Xtreme RTMDrag
X games rally track nome66Circuit
Cross Jam (fix'd) nome66Circuit
bad season opener Jim LaneBeta
Piney Woods Speedway 2009 DiggerFanDrag
Tom Meents' Old House DestroyerfanFreestyle
Minneapolis Metrodome (Re-Fix'd) MonsterRob and ChadDrag
Thunder On The Beach 2002 (2in2) BigfootFanDrag
2009 Monster Jam Tour World Finals 3 kpayne89Drag
Charleston 09 (6in2) ChadDrag
RCA Special Events '05 Online ChadDrag
Monster Wars Finals 1993,(made in 2001) Lost to the agesDrag
Sphra Euro Tour: Oberhaussen graveyard and DaveTheSmasherDrag
Atlanta 09 online ChadDrag
SAN ANTONIO (Custom) trainboy911Drag
Thunder On The Beach 2001 BigfootFanDrag
Atlanta 2009 (fix'd) ChadDrag
VTRUC Race 2 - Nameforsale Stadium 2009 KouvreDrag
Monster Jam Philadelphia PA 2009 BigfootFanDrag
San Antonio 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
St. Louis MJ - Freestyle (Lower Lag) ChadDrag
St. Louis MJ - Racing (Lower Lag) ChadDrag
Orlando Monster Bowl trainboy911Drag
VTRUC Race 1 - Industry Hall 2009 KouvreDrag
MJM @ Oberhausen (Fixed) KingKrunch Drag
Pontiac Silverdome 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
MJM@Germany 2009 kingkrunchDrag
Monster Jam Philadelphia PA 2005 BigfootFanDrag
World Finals 9 LOW LAG White2098Drag
New Orleans 1999 DestroyerfanDrag
Salinas 2008 LOW LAG White2098Drag
SPHRA TJ @ Lucas Oil Stadium (4in2) Okpayne89Drag
Houston Astrodome 11/14/1998 DestroyerfanDrag
Toronto, ON SPHRA Thunder Jam 09 Crazyman9Drag
SPHRA Portland Thunder Jam 2009 RobbyH14Drag
SPHRA@Anaheim trainboy911Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam Jonesboro DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA- Maurice Civic Center BlizzardDrag
Rapture City Stadium Suicidal_ManiacDrag
Thunder Jam - Albany, NY 2009 Crazyman9Drag
Happy New Year - Sydney 2009 Ned KellyRumble

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